Shaking Spirit Waves
5 Rhythmsâ  class
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         Previous and upcoming events

                       CoEvolution  San Diego, Ca

              In this workshop, 4 teachers from NewYork and California join                                                      together take you on a 5Rhythms® exploration where we listen                                                    deeply to the messages received; unfolding; transforming, expanding,                                          and coevolving together
               April 6-8, 2018 

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                           This workshop fulfills some Teacher Training Waves prerequisite hours
Past Events:
Embodied Waves - at Cosmic Fit Club January 2018

Embodied Waves , Rio de Janiero, Brazil November 2017

Heartscape - The Landscape of the Heart Amman Jordan July 2017

Heartscape - The Landscape of the Heart London  July 2017

Heartscape - the Landscape of the Heart  NYC    May 2017

Light & Shadow, NYC   November 2016

Embodied Waves Workshop Cleveland Ohio 
April 2016

Embodied Waves Workshop San Diego

June 2015

Ondas Do Caracao e HeartBeat November 2015

Embodied Waves and Sacred Waves
Sao Paolo, Brazil November 2014

5Rhythms Regeneration 6/24/14, NYC

Theatrical Belly Dance Conference June 2014, NYC

 5Rhythms for Racial Justice 8/25/13 NYC

Dances of light and healing 9/13/13

Light and Shadow Brazil April 2013

Embodies Waves, Sao Sabastian, Brazil July 2011

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